General Rules

We are always working hard to make your experience wonderful and smooth on this website. One way of making this task possible is establishing fair rules for buyers, members, visitors, and sellers on this website to abide by. This rules are an extension of our terms and agreement for using this website. If for any reason you cannot abide by these rules please do not use this website.

General Rules for Buyers and Members


This website [ www.chatbotcommunity.com ] provides several means for you to make friends and to communicate. You can do private one-on-one communication with a friend or you can do public communication where others are able to see your comments. The general rules on this page will govern how you as the user on this website communicate with other users on this website using the features this website provides you. These features include comments, forum, groups, and any public or private chats. Please be mindful of your comments and keep it respectful. If you have disagreement with a friend or a member here we ask that you do a one-on-one private communication with that friend instead of going back and forth in a public comment area. If you feel uncomfortable because of the comments or messages you receive from a different member, you agree it's your responsibility to notify us about it. You agree to refrain from using disrespectful comments, profanity or pornographic content on this websites. You reserve the right to warn you if you constantly use profanities, threaten others, use pornographic content, attack others with your comment or if you use comments to hurt anyone in anyway. If you do not heed or abide by our rules, we reserve the right to suspend your account.


You can create an open or private group and invite others to join. Please note that groups you create must related to bot marketing or business marketing. You are not allowed to create groups that promote pornography, hate, politics, sports, or any non business related topics.

Meeting Friends:

This website is not a dating site. It was designed for Chat Bot fans or bot builders to interact, help each other and share ideas. It is not a dating website. If you decide to meet a friend in person, you agree that we are not responsible for your safety out there. We recommend you always meet at a public place or go to your first and second meeting with friends you know. We highly recommend you do not meet a ChatBot community friend for the first time all by yourself. Go with someone for safety reasons. We recommend you also do a background check of anyone on this website you plan to meet before you meet them. You agree we are not responsible for doing a background check on members on this website.


General Rules for Authors or Sellers

Selling to Buyers: 

We are very selective with regards to choosing who to sell on our shop. Reason is we want to make sure buyers have the best experience ever on our website. Products in our shop (mostly bot templates) will have the author or designer name visible for the buyer. As a seller you are responsible for making sure buyers are satisfied with the product they get from you. If not they will be refunded.

Refund Policy:

Please read about our refund policy for sellers carefully before contacting us about selling.

Reviews and Ratings: If you as a seller constantly get bad reviews from buyers, we will pull down your bot template or products from our store. Please pay attention to the reviews you get from your buyers.